Windows Phone Is Permanently Dead

Windows Phone is permanently dead as Microsoft may have plans to boost its telephony business in the future, but for now, it has had enough of it. Today the company is officially ending support for Windows Phone 8.1, the most popular version of its mobile operating system.

The end of support for Windows Phone 8.1, which is estimated to work on more than 80 percent of Windows Phone phones, means that the company will not push any kind of changes – security patches, bug fixes, Or otherwise. In the future, people who are going to stick with a laptop running 8.1 or later are left alone.

Support for previous versions such as Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.x is finished, respectively January 2016 for and October 2014.

windows phone is permanently dead

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The disappearance of Windows Phone follows a number of popular applications, such as WhatsApp, which have different versions of Microsoft’s mobile operating system in the last two years which made windows phone permanently dead. Notes App-application Evernote has removed the Windows Phone app earlier this month.

Of course, many of the popular phone applications never arrived on Windows Phone, nor have companies ever put as much effort into keeping their apps for the platform in the first place. Microsoft has launched the LinkedIn application from the Windows store last month, after not updated for months.

Although thousands of users – if not more – will continue to use Windows 10 mobile, it is clear that Microsoft has officially given Windows Phone, formerly known as Windows Mobile, an almost a decade effort to fight against Android and iOS and make a difficult mobile market. With Microsoft coming out on Windows Phone, BlackBerry BBOS resigns, Mozilla Firefox OS kills, no one is actually launching a fight to break the duos iOS and Android, and now the windows phone is permanently dead which is not great news for their consumers.

Last year, CEO Satya Nadella has admitted that the company had “clearly lost the phone,” adding that it now focuses more on the growth of new categories as now Windows phone is dead. Under the direction of Nadella, Microsoft has undergone major changes, one of which is making applications and services available on rival platforms. Microsoft goes now where users are, it is a “political Windows everywhere” Microsoft Steve Ballmer.


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