Wearable Display for Mobile Entertainment and VR

Someone have never before has level of video and audio performance in a mobile solution like Vuzix Iwear Video Headphones .

Here we have the RED5, we’ve been enjoying the entertainment for quite some time. But in all these years of  virtual reality entertainment, we have never experienced anything so awesome as the Vuzix iWear Video Headphones.

The iWear is a exclusive pair of video headphones. Providing users with a mobile wearable video display and gaming’s featuring dual HD displays. Plus with HDMI inputs, so you can use their 3D Blu-ray player, tablet, console system, PC, and even with you’r mobile phones.

Combined with its fantastic audio, it is capable of displaying incredible 2D and 3D video and advanced interactive Virtual Reality and 3D titles.

Amazing Gaming Experience

The iWear comes with am amazing next level of experience with a head tracking orientation and movement. So when the user wear’s iWear the head rotates the image matches the movement in real time. It can be connected with the drown camera to view the 360 degree 3D videos perspective of the drone. It will improve your experience of your flying experience to a brand new heights!

Dazzling HD Displays

The moment you put on this awesome gadget, you’re right away blown away by the incredible world that lies before you. It really feels like wearing a whole cinema on your head, with amassing 16:9 HD display and gorgeous 55° cinema view. Comparable it to watching  125”cinema viewed at 10 feet on you’r head. And with this jaw-dropping view comes high pixel density images with million’s colour pixels per eye.

Huge Home Theater Experience

Having the experience of a cinema equivalent to home theater’s 125” cinema viewed at 10 feet in just a pair of headphones – that’s the iWear. Ether you want to enjoy the new 2D or 3D movie or Gaming experience, the iWear is perfect for both. Its a crazy gadget which make your head blow and it comes with a noise isolating over ear design, to delivering crystal clear sound.

A awesome gadget if you a looking for a amazing gaming or movie experience. Its having all the features of a headphone and a 2D or 3D video experience that a gadget should have in  it.

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