Top 5 Global Twin Indian Destinations

We all have our list of dream destination cubes. For some, it might be a night in Las Vegas, while for others it might be a day in Africa! It is still more fun to add items to your bucket list and it’s very difficult to impress.There are some global twin Indian destinations that you can include on your dream list.

So instead of waiting for a Harry Potter wand to satisfy your dream, how do you wander somewhere closer to your home? We put you posts – activities similar to your international counterparts. Yes, we are your genius today your dream is knocking on the door. Choose and wrap around and let it go!

Skiing is a dance and the mountain always brings

The Alps in Switzerland and Auli in Uttrakhand

global twin indian destinations

Only a postcard of the powerful Alps is enough for anyone to sign. It is certainly a paradise on earth and a dream of every adventure enthusiast. But if there is something that prevents you from achieving your dream of skiing in the Alps, then stop complaining!


global twin indian destinations

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Head directly to Auli, a ski resort located in Garhwal Himalayas. Snow covered slopes here are perfect to give any international ski resort a run for its money.

The picturesque Auli frame on the Himalaya tour offers more skiers with various options like cross country, slalom, and downhill. Auli is a global twin Indian destinations of Switzerland so check out your skiing skills in Auli before flying to Switzerland!

In the Jungle the mighty Jungle, the lion sleeps tonight

Kenya Wildlife Reserve and Ranthambore National Park

global twin indian destinations

‘Welcome, welcome’, thanks to the Blended movie for re-escalating Africa in our bucket-lists. Kenya is best known worldwide for its magnificent wildlife safaris and Masai tribes. Just the reference of this place is enough to bring the images of ‘Lion King’ in our mind.

global twin indian destinations

Ranthambore National Park is a global twin Indian destinations of Kenya Wildlife Reserve, With more than 99 national parks, 40 tiger reserves, and 450 wildlife sanctuaries, India is certainly the best place to have some close encounters with wildlife in their natural habitat.

Begin your exploration with Ranthambore National Park, where the majestic tiger roams free in his kingdom wild boars remind you of Pumba.

Fill your weapons, it’s a water fight

Songkran Water Festival and Holi

global twin indian destinations

If international music festivals are the only events that attract the Indians, Bazinga! There are also some others. Songkran Water Festival, a 3-day water festival marks the New Year of Thailand. Road fights between family and friends with water guns are something that marks this event.

global twin indian destinations

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There is nothing that can beat Indian Holi! Creepy faces crushed in rainbow colors and streams of water that are sprinkled from almost all directions are something that makes it much more than a party. We Indians are lucky to be born into a land where every festival is a reason for another celebration!

Amazing mix of cascading water with silent ground

Niagara Falls, Canada, and Athirapilly Falls

global twin indian destinations

Kerala Once a wedding destination, Niagra Falls has evolved slowly as the favorite place for the family. Sailing under these giant waterfalls is undoubtedly well-known to give thrilling emotions to all those who visit this beautiful place.

global twin indian destinations

Athirapilly in Kerala has earned the name of “Niagara Falls” from India as it is a global twin Indian destinations of Niagara Falls and we really agree with this title! To believe you have to see it, which extends for 330 feet with stunning green trees on both sides, make this place a perfect vacation destination.

Drenching at Niagara can wait as you know to have the perfect substitute for it, right next door! However, you can enjoy skiing in India with your family and friends.

Eat, sleep, wish, repeat

Tomorrow land in Belgium and Sunburn in Goa

global twin indian destinations

Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike … If you’ve heard these names then you know what we are talking about! Tomorrow Earth is a dream that every 20+ dreams of your college days. The hen bites that you get while watching ‘movies’ can be heard live while your favorite DJ performs.

Tomorrow Land is a one of its kind, not really because there are a global twin Indian destinations known as Sunburn.

global twin indian destinations

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Sunburn, the largest Indian music festival, is gradually making its place in the “best music festivals around the world.” Three days of pumping with Mind-Blowing World DJ tracks for the beautiful beaches of Goa is definitely an essential experience as you are in the single period of your life.

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