PhoneSoap Charger Review Phone’s UV Sanitizer & Universal Charger

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]start by saying that the inclusion of “Charger” in the name of the PhoneSoap charger does not do credit: what we are seeing is a disinfection device for mobile phones that by chance it includes a component of Charge.

How does an amplifier work? But no matter what the main purpose of a PhoneSoap charger is to take a mobile phone and give a good “cleaning” to eliminate the damage that the eye can not see. And he does it well.

phonesoap charger

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Anyone can talk about how to get a mud in their hands and clean on the leg of the pants. However, a mobile phone is constantly touched and then held against the face, with other people using the phone and placed on surfaces ranging from a home office with coffee – “germ of the city” could be Another name (paraphrasing with excuses the “Heartbeat City” of cars). Wiping the face of the phone with a cloth could keep a clear view, but not disinfected. That’s where the PhoneSoap charger is inserted. It is used to clean invisible dirt efficiently.

The case opens like a clam shell, with both parts of a UV (ultraviolet) lamp enclosed inside. The curved surfaces help to “wrap” the light around the phone is on the inside, a little ‘engineering. The size of PhoneSoap charger allows you to easily adapt to most cell phones, including the “phablet” format (a model on the company’s website allows you to compare the phone to operable size).

phonesoap charger

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A choice can be made at this time: just to disinfect the phone, place it internally up and close the lid. The power supply of the AC power supply has been inserted, a blue LED on the dashboard indicates that the lamps are on (it will automatically stop when opening the container to prevent anyone from glimpsing UV light is not good to do). The entire procedure takes about four minutes and then the lights go out. Then open the box and return to your phone.

So what is the “charger” in the name? Any phone can be charged inside the container, once connected to the built-in USB cable. Access to the cable only requires the removal of a small section at one end of the PhoneSoap charger that reveals the micro-USB cable.

phonesoap charger

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The cable is supplied from the AC outlet and then can be transferred to a telephone while in the case. As a result, this cable can be disconnected from the PhoneSoap charger and replaced with another if it should be damaged or, more appropriately, if it is an iPhone that is treated – since in that case it must be connected to a base connector or a connector flash of lightning.

The PhoneSoap charger is also an acoustic audio amplifier: this means that a phone placed inside, with the lid closed, will have its audio enhanced through the shape of the PhoneSoap charger as it comes out of the holes included in the bottom.

Realistically this happens – it is a physical function that sound is influenced – but for practical purposes, the audio does not increase enough to really make a difference. Crossing the PhoneSoap charger by its cleaning aspects to use on a trip, in a hotel or in a house of the parents makes sense, but that does it by how it sounds a telephone, no.

In fact, if you are carrying around the blank version (there is also the black option), chances are you have to clean the charger PhoneSoap, so it is possible to keep it in your home and use it as part of A regular program, for example, when you will be charged before you leave for the day.

phonesoap charger

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In a nutshell: The PhoneSoap charger company says that everything that is part of the case can be disinfected – this is true. But using it with a phone is the reason it was designed, and it does well and makes the retail sale worth $ 49.95 to pay.

You do not have to be paranoid about germs to play it safe. Before PhoneSoap charger, the health status of your phone has been reached. Not anymore.

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