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Lenovo Yoga Book


This is the most interesting thing i have see in quite a wile. This is the Lenovo Yoga Book, tablets have been born from quite a wile but this thing promise to spice up a bit. First thing  that’s jumps out of me that it is serious lee thin ant part of that dur to this crazy hinge that is such a cool touch on top of that its easy enough to open with just one finger and if i am wrong looks like there is a camera on the keyboard  so that i guess if i mite thought, if you want to take a rear facing shot. Yeah the camera is on the keyboard its actually kind of cool. Its all metal its all glass its also got a soft nice touch finish keyboard. And i cant get my eyes off that hinge watching it, its such a cool design you can bend it all the way back, make it flat, close it up that hinge really feels like high in device and honestly for 500$ its a lot more what you should expect this is really nice.

Lets look what comes next in the box because this have some couple of interesting things honestly its more that it just look like. Oh weight its just paper, so one of the cool things about the yoga is that you set the pages down on the keyboard by usinnderdag some touch magic, it allows you to write on the real paper and digitise it i am getting a little exited its rare to find a new gadget that actually haves some cool fetchers. Common i mean look it that its just like straight out of the matrix. This is what when i was younger i figured that in 2016 i will be using one of there guys.

So there is no actual physical click on it at all you can see it when the actual yoga is on its lights up but that feels really interesting. its something you can use to really quickly after couple of hours i feel myself close to my normal typing speed. the lack of physical buttons is understandable to just how thin the Yoga Book is, and you got quite a few options to customise including the touch points which learn and readjust based on your typing. this all works together with the real pen which you can use with the normal styles tip as the drowning tool or swap with a ink cart to drown any paper on the keyboard and it translate into a digital drowning. This is really cool stuff to take notes and sketching and one of my personal favourite features is any pen turn this on to the settings and the touch screen will respond to anything conductive which is seriously entertaining i can play with this all day. Screen also happens to be a great display anyway its a 10.1 inch 1920/1200 panel it have solid colour and brightness.

Inside its rocking an Intel atom x5 processor 4 gigs of ram and 64 gigs of storage with microSD expansion and interestingly there is two models the standard android edition i have here. lenovo also have model which runs on windows 10. The android version is heavily customise with cool features like the navigation bar, window support and it generally works pretty well but some occasionally run into some app they gets confused. This hardware is so cool that i honestly cant weight to get my hands on the windows version to see what that can really do.

The Yoga Book is totally unique right now its works well as a laptop not compromising as a good tablet if you are looking a portable device to work its definitely worth picking up. so what you guys think about the Yoga Book let me know me on the comments below.

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