The Best 5 Biceps Exercises For Good Size

Here are the top 5 best biceps exercises to add after your rows and buttons. Use these and build an imposing mass.

When you start a muscle building program, one of the key parts of the body that many people want to focus on is biceps. The biceps tend to be a muscle group noticeably noticeable by others, so if you have well-developed weapons, people know that you are at the top of your training game.

It is important to keep in mind that in fact, the triceps muscles include a very large arm component so that you will not overlook the triceps work which will give you the perfect balance of what it takes to see optimal results.

By pointing to the maximum size, another important point to keep in mind is that weight lifting should be a priority. Since building several sizes is a combination of heavy excess, sufficient volume and a lot of calories, it is a wise decision to focus on the exercises that will allow you to lift the heaviest weight you can.

Usually, for most people, this will exercise like rows and pulldowns, which also target the biceps muscles. If you regularly include them with your training program and then add other exercises specifically targeted to the biceps muscles, you are well on your way to developing the best arms you can.

Here are the top five biceps exercises that focus on biceps to add after your rows and pulldowns.

Exercise 1: Barbell Curl

biceps exercises

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The first biceps exercises to perform the biceps bar curls, which also allow you to overload the biceps with heavy weight. Most students are slightly stronger when lifting a bar against a set of weights, so this is ideal for developing maximum strength.

When you exercise, the main thing is to focus on not cutting the motive of a short movement and you are not making an impulse to get angry while lifting the weight.

This is one of the most common mistakes with this exercise: Impulse does more work than your muscles. If you run slow and controlled, this should reduce the chances of this happening significantly and allow you to insert a greater intensity within the muscle fibers.

Exercise 2: Incline Dumbbell Curl

biceps exercises

The second biceps exercises are to add is dumbbell curls. This exercise is one of the best to help prevent the emergence of this impulse as we have just discussed, as it essentially limits back movement.

When doing this exercise, you feel the maximum tension in the muscular belly of the biceps, so do not be surprised if the weight is slightly lower. While you are pushing hard, using the lowest weight but keeping the proper shape will be the way to go for results.

Exercise 3: Standing Biceps Cable Curl

biceps exercises

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If you are trying to direct the muscle fibers of the deep tissues, the cord curls are a good bet. Since the movement is less stable with this movement due to the constant voltage provided by the cable, you will call all the stabilizing muscles that surround the biceps while exercising.

You can use different types of accessories to wire the curls, including a rope, a straight bar or a wheel handle that allows you to work on one arm at a time.

Exercise 4: Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row

biceps exercises

After you include straight rows within the program, you may also want to consider adding backtrack rows as well. These are putting a little more strain on the muscles of the biceps, unlike the straight lines, so it will be a better biceps exercises for the strict guidance of the biceps.

Depending on which muscle group is thought to negotiate when weights are weighed up to the body (biceps or back), this will also affect the nature of muscle stimulation.

Exercise 5: Concentration Curl

biceps exercises

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Lastly, the last of the biceps exercises to consider to exploit the growing biceps are concentration curls. When done during the session, it will also limit the timing in which the exercises are performed and will emphasize the biceps muscle.

There will be no helping muscles to be remembered when doing the concentration of curls (when done correctly) so it is good to add to the end of your workout when you are really trying to finish your biceps and run them.

Sample Workout

It is not recommended to include all these biceps exercises in all the workouts you make, but changing them from training to training keeps the high stimulus without allowing the muscles to adapt too much. This constant change in the program is what prevents a plateau and helps push your strength levels to new extremes, so make sure you use a good variety.

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