Weather The PS4 is Worth Picking Up or Not

Here we start with the PlayStation 4 pro review I will tell you every single thing about it that you guys want to know. And here we open it up and we see another box and at the top of it we got a blue booklet which tells about the PS4 Pro and we don’t need that and next, there is another box man there are boxes on boxes.

playstation 4 pro review

playstation 4 pro review

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I say it to you guys this PlayStation 4 pro review is going to me awesome. There are two boxes one you will obviously get to know that its PS4 Pro but first we will get our hands on the small box which have the power cable now it’s a much thicker cable than the original PlayStation 4 rather  than the standard cable you got this big sick one, next we got the micro USB cable charger for controllers, then you got a week PlayStation headset if you want to go live and want to talk to your friends but if you are an extreme gamer I recommend strong headphones, next we got the HDMI cable and a PlayStation 4 controller.

So everything in the box look pretty standard mind that power cable I know you guys don’t wanna know about the cables I know you want to know about that big guy the PlayStation 4 pro review of you guys will be in love with that you know guys I don’t mind the triple stack, I don’t mind that burger look but it actuals look pretty clean it up obviously have an extra learn that the original PlayStation 4 but it don’t look so bad but guys I love that it is all man.

Comparison between the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro

The PS4 Pro is a teeny bit taller than the PS4 and if you keep both of them back to back you will know that the front of PS4 Pro petrous a little bit but it’s not much, you know guys one thing a glad that the glossy thing of PS4 is out of PS4 Pro.

The Xbox lovers out there I am comparing it with the beautiful Xbox 1S but it is a bit taller than the PS 4 Pro but I have to say that the PS4 Pro front petrous quite a bit but they both are about the same height almost exactly the same.

But I have to say the picture of the PS4 Pro look a lot bigger than it is but its nothing to worry about.

Now in turns of what you get in connecting you got two USB in the left front and you also got one in the back so you got total of three, and you also got your power button which is head deadly right in the  front right and it’s super time I don’t know why Sony keep going with these weak touch buttons and the injector is in the middle front and pretty crappy button if you ask me, and now tack a quick look in the back you got a slot for your power adapter, your HDMI cable, even a slot for your PlayStation camera, and even an optical port which they took out of the PlayStation slim and you also got the USB cable and the international poet.

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A cool thing to note is that the rubber stops at the bottom of the PlayStation 4 pro have the cool things like the X, square, triangle, and even the circle like we have on the controller and the PS4 logo on the bottom and I got to say its clean.We have talked about what’s in the box now let’s talk about what new about the PlayStation 4 pro.

Now you are gonna get the 4K gaming if you own a 4K display because it’s a much more powerful system now even if you don’t have a 4K display you will still get the benefits of having a much more powerful system because depending upon the developers they can put different things towed the graphics.

So you can get a higher framerate, you can get a better texter all that good stuff they can get a lot more information here. So you still are going to get a lot more quality even if you are not running a 4K TV.

Now I heard lot of people are not picking the PlayStation 4 pro because it dause not support a 4K blue ray but I have one question “whose buying 4K blue rays” I don’t know when it becomes that such a big deal but honestly for me as long as the Netflix and all auther maps supports 4K and this can output that I’m alright.

One thing more to tell about PS4 Pro is that it’s also faster so you are going to get faster load times things of that nature.Now let’s wrap it up guys I definitely think that the PlayStation 4 pro is best to pick up.

But I got to say those people who don’t have a 4K TV if you have a 1080p there still going to be a lot more benefits as well. So I definitely think it’s worth picking up and it’s just 400$ it’s not like Sony is charging a super premium for it if I was at your side I will advise you to give it a shot.

This PlayStation 4 pro review was an awesome expansion if you want to see more of it just let me know in the comments.

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