Step Into Future With Lazer Keyboard

laser Keyboard Review

There are some products like Laser Keyboard, using them is like we’ve arrived in the future. Some stuff is so scientific it’s actually difficult to believe, it hasn’t just arrived from space like Star Trek. So imagine us when we saw this futuristic marvel which made us blow out our eye’s. Here is the laser keyboard review that will make you feel like you have stepped into future.

laser keyboard review

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Tap your way to happiness and pretend you’re a member of the Starfleet with this incredible Laser Keyboard. The first thing to know about this thing, yes, it does work.  All the magic is contained within a clever little box, making this keyboard as a portable device. Place it on a desk or other flat and gloomy surface, near your PC or mobile device. Pair it via Bluetooth with your computer, and start typing. Tap your fingers on the projected red laser keys, and the letter’s pop up on your screen. It can even use as a mouse or touch-pad for your Windows PC or Mac.

This innovative and compact design features a fully integrated English QWERTY keyboard layout with 400 characters. The keyboard project’s a glowing red laser and maker’s sounds as you type. But the creators doesn’t stop here, as the Laser Keyboard has an impressive 5200mAh power bank built-in, giving you plus point to charge your devices.

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Compatible with:

  1. Windows XP/7/8
  2. Windows Phone 7
  3. LINUX
  4. IOS 4/5/6 (iPhone and iPad)
  5. Android 3.0 or higher versions
  6. Mac OS X

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