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Hi there men here we’re talking approximately the 2 superb consoles that over technology have ever noticed.


The primary distinction is decision. while the unique PS4 is restrained to a maximum for 1080p, the new PS4 seasoned can cross up as high as 2160p, or 4K because it’s extra usually recognised.

The capture (due to the fact there’s constantly a trap isn’t there?) is that video games will need to acquire a PS4 seasoned patch to enable this greater functionality.
those patches are unlucky, because as but only a fragment of the console’s library have them.

Going forward, all PS4 video games will want to consist of a “pro Mode”, with a view to permit them to make the most of the pro’s stronger hardware. This pretty lots guarantees that there’ll be a whole lot of seasoned content in the destiny, however right now it’s slim pickings.

we have now had some time to digest what the new console is capable of – surprisingly unique 4K/HDR gameplay, ultra-HD media streaming from apps like Netflix and the new seasoned Mode – however now it is time to work out the way it shapes up to the prevailing PS4 hardware.


  • PS4 pro is bigger, but not with the aid of much
  • Sleeker finish on top of the seasoned console

The most apparent difference among the unique PS4 and the PS4 seasoned is the addition of a further layer onto the console.

whilst the authentic PS4 had layers separated by way of an opening for the disc force and USB ports, the PS4 pro has 3 layers.

fortunately this hasn’t lead to too much of an growth in its dimensions. The authentic PS4 measured 275.1 x 305.1 x 53.1mm, while the seasoned measures 295 x 327 x 55mm. that means it’s barely bigger, it is 2cm deeper and 2cm wider, but interestingly it is extra or much less the equal height.

it’s also 1/2 a kilogram heavier, or simply over a pound.


  • PS4 pro has an additional USB port
  • PS4 seasoned additionally has an optical audio port
  • authentic PS4 makes use of HDMI 1.4, seasoned makes use of HDMI 2.0a

In phrases of rear connectors, the PS4 seasoned is sort of same to the standard PS4, apart from the addition of a further USB 3.0 port – which need to be pretty beneficial in case you’re planning on hooking up a playstation VR, because the headset takes up a USB port whilst it is plugged in.

an additional USB port is an superb inclusion, since the PSVR brings back the move Controllers which every want a USB port to fee.

PS4 seasoned vs PS4 rear

unlike the brand new slimmer PS4, the PS4 pro does consist of an optical audio output on its rear like the authentic launch PS4.

The very last distinction between the ports at the again of the console is the HDMI port. whilst the unique PS4 had an HDMI 1.4 port, the PS4 seasoned has an HDMI port to permit it to output at 4K resolutions (extra on that later).

crucial to be aware is which you do not want to upgrade your HDMI cable to take gain of 4K, no matter what Sony is claiming on its legit FAQ. Any HDMI cable that could take care of 1080p can do 4K just excellent.

Optical pressure

  • Each systems have Blu-ray drives
  • Neither are capable of 4K Blu-ray playback

That is a especially sore spot for Sony’s new system. notwithstanding hypothesis to the contrary, the PS4 seasoned does not encompass an ultra HD Blu-ray player. it is able to play complete HD 1080p Blu-ray discs simply similar to the unique PS4.

Sony’s selection to leave out a extremely-HD Blu-ray force from the device is perplexing, considering that Blu-ray aid become one of the major boons of the PS3. Now, Sony is probably saving that for some other console down the street, but, considering that Microsoft’s Xbox One S already has the high-give up disc power, it’d’ve benefitted Sony to launch the pro with one as well.


  • PS4 pro has better GPU overall performance (4.2 TFLOP vs 1.eighty four)
  • PS4 seasoned has 802.11ac wi-fi antenna and Bluetooth 4.0
  • PS4 pro has an extra 1GB of DDR3 RAM

The internals are in which we see our first principal difference from the authentic PS4.

both consoles share an AMD Jaguar x86-sixty four eight-center CPU, which has visible a 30% enhance in clock-pace from 1.6GHz to two.1GHz.

in the meantime the GPU has seen a miles larger performance increase. Its electricity has been doubled, and its clock-pace has been boosted from 800MHz to 911MHz.

In total the GPU has jumped from 1.eighty four TFLOP within the launch PS4 to four.2 TFLOP within the pro. This bump is to be able to accommodate the brand new 4K capability.

The wi-fi of the pro has also visible an upgrade to include 802.11ac and a Bluetooth bump to v2.1 to both of these enhancements were additionally visible inside the new slim PS4.

The pro also has a further 1GB of DDR3 RAM, so one can be used for non-gaming apps to unfastened up the quicker GDDR5 RAM for gaming overall performance.

4K tv overall performance

  • PS4 pro supports 4K/HDR
  • Unique PS4 just supports HDR
  • Builders decide a way to use the greater power

That is the huge one – the primary reason it’s well worth making the bounce from the unique hardware to the PS4 seasoned. The PS4 pro supports 4K output, in preference to the usual PS4’s full HD 1080p resolution.

in terms of streaming services together with Netflix which means the console will be able to play films and television indicates in their most resolution, but sadly the lack of an extremely HD Blu-ray drive manner that the console will not be able to play bodily 4K media.

THE PS4 seasoned helps 4K OUTPUT, rather than the usual PS4’S full HD 1080P decision

Video games are barely more complicated as it can be up to developers to determine how they want to use the PS4 seasoned’s extra muscle.

As an instance, EuroGamer reports that the seasoned model of The ultimate folks may have two options, one which runs at 30fps with a native 4K resolution, and one that runs at 60fps at a decrease decision (that has yet to be found out).

Remaining people different video games which includes Rise Of The Tomb Raider past will be upscaled to reap a 4K output, but reports indicate that the upscaling method used is more smart than in reality stretching the picture over a bigger variety of pixels.

A final recreation proven to the clicking, Deux Ex: Mankind Divided, reportedly did now not cope with its upscaling properly in any respect.

The takeaway appears to be that attaining accurate 4K performance will want builders to be smart about the balance they strike between local rendering resolution and upscaling technologies used.

Developers TO BE smart about THE stability THEY STRIKE among native RENDERING decision AND UPSCALING technology USED

The PS4 seasoned isn’t always powerful sufficient to run a recreation at 4K with all the graphical bells and whistles grew to become on, however with some compromises the effects are reportedly fantastic.

even though HDR assist is new with the PS4 pro, this identical capability is about to come to release PS4s via a firmware update. take a look at out our full manual to HDR for exactly what which means for the way games will appearance.

In terms of loading times, the PS4 pro gives a small improvement over the inventory PS4, but in case you’re looking for a lift in loading instances, then you’ll see more of an development in case you upgrade your release PS4 with an SSD.

1080p tv performance some video games play at higher framerates on PS4 seasoned
although the PS4 pro is meant mainly as an accompaniment to 4K televisions, the console may also deliver a graphical raise in case you’re playing on a 1080p display screen.

But while some of those improvements are intentional, inclusive of using supersampling to beautify the quantity of element in a given scene, others aren’t.

PS4 seasoned can even deliver A GRAPHICAL enhance in case you’RE gambling ON A 1080P display screen

The ultimate parent, the recently launched sport from team Ico, has launched with a few framerate troubles which might be present on each the PS4 at 1080p, and the PS4 pro at 4K.

however a performance analysis has revealed that those issues almost absolutely disappear in case you force the sport to run in 1080p mode on a PS4 pro through changing the machine settings.

We don’t suppose that is an intentional function of the seasoned, however if this fashion keeps inside the future it might make the pro a much greater important improve for 1080p tv proprietors.

playstation VR performance

PS4 pro gives stepped forward PSVR enjoy
…but it’s not a chief distinction

even though previous to the ps VR’s release there were rumors circulating that the headset’s overall performance on launch consoles become going to be ‘horrible’, now that the hardware is out the distinction appears to be an awful lot extra subtle.

In fact a recent evaluation by using digital Foundry indicates that during a few games the difference between PS4 and the PS4 pro can be a battle to locate.

other video games appear sharper at the pro due to how the builders have enabled first-rate-sampling strategies, correctly rendering video games at a higher decision to be able to enhance element tiers.

THE differences between the 2 CONSOLES ARE TOO moderate TO CONCLUSIVELY recommend THE seasoned ON the idea OF VR overall performance alone

In Robinson: the journey as an instance information are a lot crisper, and textures gain from a better degree of texture filtering.

the lowest line with the playstation VR is that the differences among the two consoles are too moderate to conclusively suggest the seasoned on the idea of VR performance on my own.

If this changes inside the destiny as developers get higher familiar with the PS4 pro then this can exchange, and we’ll replace our thoughts as a consequenc.

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