Best Calorie Counter Website and Apps For Fast Weight loss

Watch your caloric intake from time to time is important and it becomes a bit difficult if you are not using any calorie counter app or website.

Research shows that people who do it lose more weight. Not only that, but they also find it easier to maintain weight in the long run.

Currently, counting calories is very easy to do. There are many incredibly useful calorie counter websites and apps that help you record your meals and track your usage.

This article reviews the 5 best calorie counter available today.

All are accessible online on a website, and registration takes less than a minute. They also have apps for iPhone / iPad and Android phones and tablets.

Finally, most of them are 100% free.


calorie counter

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MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular s at the moment.

Track your weight and calculate a daily recommended caloric intake. It also contains a well-designed food journal and exercise journal.

The home page provides a clear picture of the number of calories you have consumed during the day. It also shows how much of your recommended intake remains, as well as the number of calories you burned during exercise.

If you use a physical activity tracking device, MyFitnessPal may be synchronized with it, and then include the data in the exercise log.

The app tracks your progress towards your goals and offers discussion forums with other users. These include conversations, recipes, tips and personal success stories.

The MyFitnessPal Nutrition Database is huge and contains over five million foods. You can also create custom dishes and dishes or download recipes from the Internet.

Even save your favorite foods, so you can save them quickly.

In addition, the MyFitnessPal app has a barcode reader, allowing you to instantly capture the nutrition information of certain packaged foods.

Each day is presented as a pie chart, which shows the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. You can also write a note for the day, such as how the day went or how you felt.

MyFitnessPal offers a free version. However, you can only access certain features of the Premium version, which costs $ 49.99 per year.

Lose It!

calorie counter

Lose It! is another health monitoring tool that includes a food diary and an easy-to-use exercise record. You can also connect a pedometer or other exercise machine.

Based on your weight, height, age,  and goals, lose it! It provides a personalized recommendation for calorie counter. Then keep track of your calories on the homepage.

It has a complete food database and an anz icon representing each food input. The food diary is simple, easy to use and it is very easy to add new foods.

Also, lose it! The app has a barcode scanner for packaged foods. Commonly consumed foods are saved for quick entry later.

Lose It! maintains a daily and weekly total, and presents the weight changes in a graph.

They also have an active discussion community and a tab called “challenges”. Here you can participate in challenges or create your own.

With a premium subscription, which is $ 39.99 a year, you can set more goals, save additional information, and get additional features.


calorie counter

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FatSecret is free. Includes a food diary, a nutrition database, healthy recipes, an exercise diary, a weight chart and a diary.

A barcode scanner is also included to help track packaged foods.

The home page shows total calorie intake and the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. This is shown both for the day and for each meal.

FatSecret offers a monthly summary view, which shows the total number of calories consumed each day and the total averages of each month. This feature can be very useful for tracking your overall progress.

This is very easy to use. It also includes a chat community where users can share success stories and get tips, recipes and more.

FatSecret also offers a feature called Challenges, where users can create or participate in challenges in a closed group of people.

Your website is full of information and tips, as well as articles on various topics.


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Cron-o-meter allows you to easily track your diet, exercise, and body weight.

It offers very precise portion sizes and a good exercise database. There is also a profile option for pregnant and lactating women, depending on the highest caloric requirements during these periods.

You can also say Cron-o-meter if you follow a specific diet, such as the paleo diet, low carb diet or a low-fat vegetarian diet. This modifies the macronutrient recommendations.

The food diary is very simple and easy to use. Below is a bar graph showing the distribution of carbohydrates, fats and proteins for that day, as well as calories consumed.

Cron-o-meter is particularly useful for tracking micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

It offers a gold update for less than $ 3 a month that does not include ads, advanced analytics, and some additional features.


calorie counter

SparkPeople is another complete that tracks nutrition, activities, goals, and progress.

The food diary is relatively easy to use. If you tend to eat the same thing often, you can copy and paste this entry in several days.

At the bottom of each day’s entrance, you can see total calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. There is also an option to display the data as a pie chart.

Recipes are very easy to add and the app is equipped with a barcode reader so you can easily save packaged foods.

The SparkPeople site has a massive community. There are many resources, including recipes, health news, exercise demonstrations, and expert articles on health and well-being.

The free version has one of the largest databases on food and nutrition on the web, but you must update your account to access many other features.

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